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Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side hinged Garage doors come in many simple but stylish designs. They are ideal for locations where obstructions may be present within the garage that prevent the installation of other garage door types.

Bespoke Made-to-Measure Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors from Ian Fisk garage Doors Lancashire.

We can supply and fit  High quality made to measure side hinged garage doors manufactured in the UK to your bespoke specifications.

Side Hinged doors are available as Centre Split or Off-Centre Split depending on size and design. The right or the left can be the leading door and doors can open in or out.

On off centre split doors the large or the small door can be the leading door.

As standard doors will be supplied with a brushed steel effect night latch lock and matching brushed steel hinges.

Black and brass hinges are also available but must be stated on order.

A great alternative to more common door types.
Side Hinged garage doors provide increased convenience with automated operation available too

Important Considerations

One thing you must consider when ordering a side hinged garage door is that you will need to allow space at the front of the door for opening.

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